Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is QuickCV?

    QuickCV is your formal connection to the world of business, business opportunities and personnel globally. Your QuickCV allows you to be found for positions and jobs that suit you or enable you to instantly find and hire personnel for your business.

  • How to register my QuickCV?

    Just click on the register button. You need to be registered to search for staff. But please note if you are not looking for employment, then just set the 'available for employment' field on your QuickCV to 'No'.

  • How to purchase a QuickCV?

    You will need to first request an interview by viewing a candidates QuickCV and then tap on the 'Request CV Now' button on the top right of the screen. This sends potential candidates a request that they can then accept or decline. If they accept you can then purchase that candidates FullCV, inclusive of contact details and further your interview. Please note that the payswop request is also an option whereby the person receiving the request will purchase the FullCV instead.

  • How to increase your Star Rating and Interview success?

    If you add a formal photo to your QuickCV you will receive one star. If you have a masters degree, or better you will receive a star. The best way to get a higher star rating and increase your average star rating is by adding references to your employment records after adding an employment record. Your referee must receive your request via email and then accept and confirm your QuickCV as correct and true. The more referrals you submit that are accepted and confirmed correct, the better your star rating. Lastly, after an interview your interviewee can also give you a star rating and vice versa. This information will also be recorded and viewable by other Recruiters on QuickCV. The more complete and info rich your QuickCV is, the greater your chances of getting found and thus interviewed.

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